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YouTube clip too long? Chop It!!

I’m a big fan of using online videos in my presentations, but I’ve found that I talk way too much (mostly “um’s”) and have a tendency to run short on time.  But when I’ve selected a video to include, I usually allow the whole thing to play, or at least play through a certain point […]

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Kick it!

Haven’t tried it myself, but KickYouYube seems to be one of the latest greatest ways to get a YouTube off the ever blocked YouTube site for school.  I’m certainly going to give it a try. It seems every week someone is asking me how to snag a YT video for school since they cant access […]

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More and more we are hearing about it, seeing it on the news, and reading about it in blogs, newspapers, and our professional journals. Students, even very young ones, carry cell phones. And the very newest phones are equipped with many tools, particularly video cameras and internet access, which in my mind is a VERY […]

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