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RIP Little Mister

My beloved pumpkin as I affectionately called him had to be put down today. We adopted him from the humane society roughly 14 years ago, and he has been a relatively healthy cat all of his life.  Bentley was destined to be an outdoor cat, and was quite the mouser, birdcatcher, and even once brought […]

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Homing Instinct-a Blessed Gift

Heads up. This is a personal story totally unrelated, but one I feel the need to share.  Willow is home again. Oh you probably do not know the story here. You see my family lives 3 hours from me–long story too boring to tell, but in May when son #2 graduates from high school, the […]

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Onyx may be leaving

Two Saturdays ago my family went from Humane Society to Humane Society hunting for me a pet to keep me company here at the beach.  I fianlly selected a black/white “tuxedo” kitten that we named Onyx. According to the Humane Society, Onyx was a 4-6 month old kitten, and I rapidly took to her. We […]

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