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I was surprised at the news coming out at the ALA Midwinter Conference that our title was changing back to school librarian. The change has garnered some attention here, here, and here,  and even wider.  I should say though that my surprise was not by the title change, as much as by the manner in […]

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Where are you on this ladder?

I’ve stumbled across this image in a few places (Tame the Web, Twitter/HeyJudeOnline, and now Lucacept). There has been some recent conversations of late about the relevancy of the media specialist, particularly if they are not media savvy.  So I think this is a great question to ask media specialists?  Where are you on this […]

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What to ask?

I have been asked to create some questions that may be asked at a 2nd interview of a candidate for a library media specialist position. I am thinking others may have insights and can contribute to this list. Provided HERE are some I thought of on my own (in bold print), as well as some […]

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