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Just yesterday I was bemoaning that there are librarians everywhere who are simply satisfied as a gate-keeper of books, for all intents and purposes a specials class in the specials/planning period rotation, and are dismissive of the expectations AASL has laid out for the critical roles we are trained to fulfill in our schools. Administrators who for whatever reason choose to […]

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How many students lose?

Just read a tweet attributed to  Joyce Valenza showing a Google Map of all the places where school librarians have been eliminated (though I could not track that tweet down so here is the one I saw). How very depressing!  But instead of thinking “how many jobs cut” all I can think is “how many […]

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What’s in a name?

About ten years ago (maybe more) the name of a school librarian changed to “media specialist” with a few variations to that. SC calls our certification media specialist. But with the name change came the impression that we were not educators, but rather support people. It didn’t change much for the elementary people, who despite […]

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