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We began allowing “in-library” checkout of the five iPads we were given Monday, and after only three days, word has gotten out. Our kids are clamoring for the chance to use them.   My Biggest Surprises: Not a single complaint from students about the inability to download apps Not a single argument about having to stay in the […]

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We started allowing students to checkout iPads from the library today. Sigh–still having a hard time wrapping my mind around how they can work like this, especially considering students cannot personalize or download apps. But the excitement is palpable. Today’s task as our students explored–leave a “note” using the note app on the ipad listing […]

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iPads in my library!!

Recently I submitted an requisition to order five iPads to be used in our library. Now mind you I’ve had serious reservations about the use or usefulness of an iPad in a school setting at all if they were not going to be implemented as a one-to-one program. In my mind, the device is meant to be […]

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