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So I’m fresh back from spending the day with Mom!  When there are seven brothers and sisters in the mix, it is a challenge to effectively give her presents of any kind.  Last year I scored well with a much wanted huge research bible and a lap desk. Sometimes I think it’s a contest to […]

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Merry Christmas

Does anyone remember when all the TV channels showed nothing more than a Yule Log burning on TV for Christmas?  It seemed even TV stations needed time off for family holiday fun.  Tonight we spent time at my Mom’s for Christmas Eve festivities (food, fun, presents, etc.) and tomorrow we as a family will drive […]

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My Holiday Reading

Leslie Edwards (author the WebFooted BookLady) of  of North Vancouver, BC shared her stack of books on Twitter a bit ago, and I was amused since I have a stack to read as well. Wonder how many other educators brought home (or already had at home) a stack of reads for the break?  Here’s mine. […]

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