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Sign of the times…

A true interaction that I had with a student Friday: Me: So, how are you liking your new classes this semester? Student: They’re alright, I guess. Me: Just alright? Why not great? Student: 3 of my 4 classes are in locations in the building where my phone does not get a signal. So those classes […]

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IWB: One giant step backwards?

In my career as an educator, I’ve had a chance to use Promethean, E-Instruction’s Interwrite and the SmartBoard. The only one I used for any length of time was Promethean. GSF has made me rethink this today, especially after I visited a school this morning that boasted of every classroom being outfitted with interactive white […]

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There have been a bevy of posts recently in the blogosphere about PowerPoint (or maybe I should say “PowerPoint-less?”) Honestly I’m tired of reading about bad powerpoints, though I do realize many have much to learn about using this presentation tool effectively. I’m embarrassed to remember many of my own ppts as I recognize now […]

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