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Here is a the question recently posed to a e-group of librarians: Our school is having parents complain about the book “Hold Still.”  Are any of you having this problem? Not familiar with this YA Book? It’s okay, a quick search can reveal the title, the author, and more.  I had read the book but […]

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Spreading Some Christmas Cheer

Dr. Mary Ann Bell Mary Woodard’s post (from her Blog The Top Shelf-just got word today I had the wrong name–ooops so sorry!!) got me to remembering what I loved most about being an elementary librarian in the not too distant past. (And if I had not felt like the glorified babysitter and residential expert […]

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Where are the books?

It’s that time of year again–time to do inventory, track down late books, and weed the old books.  I have a theory on weeding: If a principal walks through the library and sees full to brimming shelves, they can rationalize no funding for new books.  If a principal sees empty shelves in a library, they […]

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