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Merry Christmas

Wishing all a Merry Christmas!! I’ve also embedded a playlist of my favorite Christmas Songs that “should” start playing automatically. I love this Playlist embedded player! NOTE added January 14, 2011 – removed my embedded playlist becasue did not like to hear it everytime I loaded my blog page!! Picture compliments of the Library of […]

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Spreading Some Christmas Cheer

Dr. Mary Ann Bell Mary Woodard’s post (from her Blog The Top Shelf-just got word today I had the wrong name–ooops so sorry!!) got me to remembering what I loved most about being an elementary librarian in the not too distant past. (And if I had not felt like the glorified babysitter and residential expert […]

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Life is One Big Top Ten (2008)

Okay this is in response to a meme begun by a new friend (Paul C.) over at Quoteflections! He writes: Paul C at Quoteflections respectfully begins a meme on the topic: Life is One Big Top Ten (2008). It’s an outgrowth of Time’s ultimate Top Ten Everything of 2008. I appeal to anyone else so […]

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