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Shared in my network today! How timely considering yesterday’s post! Dave is my hero! His commentary regarding this clip copied from his blog – The folks at the Next conference put up a nice short(ish) excerpt of my talk on the Librarian Militant, Librarians Triumphant talk. It’s the last 12 minute conclusion:

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Be the Change!!

I’ve always considered myself a catalyst for change.  You can ask any of my friends and they will tell you how animated I get when one begins to talk nerdy to me–just ask the teacher today who casually mentioned she had used moodle in a course this summer and discovered the beauty of Delicious and […]

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Why be a change agent?

Some may wonder why we as 21century educators (teachers and teacher librarians alike!) should be “change agents.”  Alan November tells it like it is. Our nation used to be global in their thinking, but somehow lost that need to be global thinkers.  In this short video he outlines how it was, how it is now, […]

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