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So You’ve Decided to Blog!

Dear friend and now new blogger, So you’ve decided to blog.  Congratulations!  I have to say I find the experience quite rewarding!  It’s just a great place to be reflective, entertain, to wonder, rant, express joy–to all around show your passion to the world. You’ve asked for some constructive criticism so I’ll do my best. […]

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It’s a silly celebration, but my blog is beginning it’s fourth year today.  My first post was about the first K12 Online Conference in 2006, and I have for whatever reason stuck with it. I’ve tried out a few student blogs as well, but I fear making a blog “schooly” or just another hoop for […]

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Let the conversations begin!

In lurking around the SLJ’s “All Together Now” Netvibes page, I’ve discovered many new blogs by school librarians to follow. Quite obviously some are rather experienced, but many others are very experienced. The new bloggers are using a variety of platforms to test the waters, and I’ve seen many Edublogs, WordPress, and Blogger blogs. I […]

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