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Yep, I called it yesterday!

After the leak of what can only be described as a  bootleg video trailer for The Fault in Our Stars movie set for a June release, the official one is out! (When I say bootleg here, I mean “low quality cell phone camera recording from a video screen” quality.) Yep, I called it!  Love John […]

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A letter to Kershaw County School District via their PR person and an associate superintendent who were “Instrumental” in having the book Angry Management removed from a  summer reading list. This is in direct response to Chris Cructher’s response that I blogged about yesterday.   First let me say thank you two and Mr. Douglas […]

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OMG – So many banned books

OMG this week has been so funny! I usually make BBW a low-key event, and try not to draw attention to the number of books we have that have been banned in other schools.  This year I really felt the same way.  Since I sponsor the news show, I did find several public service announcements […]

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