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What’s in a name?

There will be no more titles of posts as SYP.  I cannot shake the feeling that my use of “SYP” sounds like a complaint.  I will continue to share findings in my new job here, as it is rather cleansing to blog and reflect on what I accomplish or learn each day in my job.  […]

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SYP, Day 5

Okay prepare yourself.  Here are 2 pictures of the books that were weeded from the library. I am lucky in that my school has the remote “Panther” scanner, and so it was a breeze to scan all 431 books pictured here.  We are only about a fourth of the way through here too.  It’s scary […]

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SYP, Day 4

Today was spent at a new middle school and the meeting was targeted to middle school media specialists.  I got to meet them all, and actually thought the group was very nice and helpful. I wish I had thought to call or contact any of them earlier b/c some of my questions could have been […]

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SYP, Day 3

I forgot to carry in a camera and I didn’t have my phone so no pictures of all those books.  I finished unboxing all of them—there were around 30 boxes of books packed up.  If I had to estimate, I would say 400 books were shelved, and perhaps 300 were left for discarding.  My assistant […]

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SYP, Day 2

Well today marked day 2 of this school year project.   I have become aware that I am expected to deal with all computer issues, though I have yet to receive any formal training or given any policy/procedures for dealing with such issues.  I am new too, and have some of the same questions everyone is […]

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SYP, Day 1

(Note to reader–this is not a complaint or anything remotely like that. I just want to sort of journal the school year. In the title the letters “SYP” represent “School Year Project” and each SYP post will be tagged accordingly. I got this idea from Christian Long of Think Lab. He is doing a similar […]

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