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This has been a reoccurring question lately in the library, and there is no shortage of dystopian novels to read. After reading other library related blogs suggesting titles, and factoring recent ones I had read too, I decided to create a display for our students that could help them select another read as enjoyable as […]

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Not sure what to call this collaborative idea one of my AP teachers and I are cooking up. The AP Lit class read George Orwell’s 1984, and among the novel activities done by the class, one was to create a visual representing a theme or themes from the novel.  I heard some serious bellyaching from […]

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Spring Break 2012 Reading

Ha!!  I bet there are some out there that think I only surf the ‘net during my free time!  Just to dispel that, I thought I’d post my books brought home to read during spring break.  Since my spring break was a stay-cation, I filled a lot of time with actual reading!! So, here are my thoughts […]

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