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Spot on, Frank!!

If u r in education & worry about percentages/numbers than u r just promoting yourself. Impact people not numbers.!that makes others better — Frank Martin (@FrankMartin_SC) June 23, 2014 And yet another reason I’m a huge Gamecock fan (other than my alumni status!) Sure wish our decision makers in congress got it.

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Getting Ready 4 TRW12

My intern the other day shared with a colleague that she thinks she is more interested in an elementary setting than secondary. When asked why, she made the comment that there are more opportunities to have fun. What!!??  I think we have good opportunities to have fun at the high school, like celebrating literacy events […]

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Ok so Ive seen many versions of this and each time it tickles me to no end!! I love this song and everytime join in, no matter if it’s serious or just for fun.  In celebration of Chistmas Joy, I bring it here for you.  See the many versions available on Youtube as well!!  

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