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I’ve been playing with Google Chrome now since June.  I must say I like the browser. I was pretty skeptical when it first came out, refusing to get on the band wagon. My favorite part of the Chrome browser experience lies in the sheer amount of desktop real estate!  My url bar is also my […]

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Dolphin Derby Reading Day

I have to share this!!  My friend @Paula Canine from Waccamaw Elementary is the absolute BEST!  (Don’t kill me Paula!!) Read this note I and few friends received from her (pasted below.) I had used the quotes feature, but it took away from the note so I removed them. I also embellished with a few […]

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Shedding Crocodile Tears

Just read today that Limewire, very well known amongst our preteens and teens in k12 schools (and YIKES, even younger kids) has been shut down.  Should we teach students about this? YOU BET. Students have a serious understanding of what Limewire and other similar sites can do.  But it is also a huge MISunderstanding. Many […]

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You never know what you have…

…until you don’t have it anymore.  Back in June a friend introduced me to Swype.  Being a relative new user of my droid phone (the cheapest one I could get) I was really struggling with the input of text.  I guess one could say as a forty-something year old (cough, oh wow what a difficult […]

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